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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kudos to all the Beauty Gurus with their blogs & Youtube videos!

Just some thoughts... :)

Ever since I started my own blog... I realized there are some much work behind the "scene"! 

Editing the pictures, making sure the colour is as true as the actual product (especially when it comes to makeup), proper lighting etc etc! Now I truly understand how blogging can become a full-time job! 

Really not easy.
I tried taking a makeup tutorial (video) yesterday and *WOW*.. I don't denied it was real hard!
Getting the correct angle, trying hard to stay in frame, retakes and lots more.. eg. suddenly a single strand of your eyebrow hair just refuse to stay in place!! Argh...

I'm impressed by how most youtube makeup gurus make the videos look so simple!

KUDOs KUDOs KUDOs... to all the Beauty Gurus with their amazing blogs & wonderful Youtube videos!


PS: I'm still in the midst of editing the video I took.. Pushing on.. *wink*
Shall post it up soon! 

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