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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Current FAV Mascaras

Hi Babes, sorry for the lack of updates...

X'mas weekend was crazy yet fun for me: 
- Had a wonderful time over at Swissotel (thanks to the bf's cousin) during X'mas eve.
- A great chilling out session over at Chjimes with my lovely peeps.
- Spent Christmas with bf's family at Amara for high tea (with a hangover... ops!)
- And a boxing day celebrating my cousin's wedding.. was up since 5am!

Then I developed fever on Monday night.. feeling nauseous and all..
Anyway, I'm better and I hope the weekend was great for you all as well :)

So here's just a little update from me.. My current favourite mascaras! 

I have used many brands and types of mascara and frankly, I haven't been very impressed, especially with what was "claimed" to be achievable. Usually, I don't experience those lengthening or thickening effect.

I also don't prefer those with primer because I find them difficult to apply and again, of not much help...

....until I tried this:

It's the Maybelline's the Magnum Volum' Express mascara.
Effective and I like it :) 

Usually I will put 3 coats of the mascara. No clumping and easy to apply. 
Because I don't wear mascara to campus on a daily basis, some of my friends would thought that I have fake lashes on when I do put on the mascara!
So, I'm pretty sure the mascara has done its job!

I've just finish using this bottle of mascara and I've move on to use the Covergirl Lashblast Volume (waterproof).
This is the mascara that many have raved about on youtube, so I got my sis to get it for me from USA. It is in no. 825 (very black).

And I'm loving it too! 
I would say 2 coats of this is enough to satisfy me :) 

If you can get hold of it.. Do try it girls!
Too bad Singapore doesn't carry Covergirl products...

Covergirl has this mascara in the non-waterproof and waterproof versions. In hot and humid weather like Singapore, I do suggest you get the waterproof ones, so make sure you place the right orders!

Well, that's about all...
Gonna take my medicine & make some speedy recovery before the New Year celebrations!

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