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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Want some bling?

vBlinged my camera a while ago and here's how it looks like now!
Courtesy of bf's DSLR, n of course the bf! :)
I crystallized my camera fully with swarovski crystals and I actually did it for a reason!

Well, my camera fell onto the floor real hard and the edges were scratched. Being a perfectionist (I'm a Virgo!), I decided to bling it to cover up the scratches!
My friends usually go: "Wah, you camera very bling eh!" whenever I take out my camera.
Compliment?? I take it that it is!! Haha!

It's a gift from bf during last X'mas and this is how it looks like originally :)
Excuse the pouting!
Happy 2009 X'mas!

Recently, a friend has asked me to help her bling her toy camera...
I shall show you the outcome once it is done!



Catanya said...

Well, I can tell you it looks simply amazing!!
I love it! You are very crafty!

NatalieSecretCode said...

Thank you, Catanya!
And thanks for visiting my blog.. I'm heading over to yours now! :)

MumbleBee said...

WOW! So blinged up! cute though. I want to see more nail art stuff!!!

NatalieSecretCode said...

Thanks MumbleBee!!
Yup yup, I'll have more nailart coming up!! Do follow me on my blog.. :)

trancelicious said...

hi i like very much your blog and i would love to have you as my member.please check me out on youtube and sub if you can!it would make my day!


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