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Monday, December 20, 2010

White Dog Cafe @ *Scape

Spent a Saturday night @ *Scape with the bf...

He suggested going there & I was excited because we haven't been there before. I was secretly happy that the bf was sooo thoughtful to bring me to some place new... BUT later he told me he was actually there to check out a camera @.@ (my bf is a photography fanatic)


Nevertheless, I'm still glad that we went there... :)

Dinner was @ White Dog Cafe.

Quiet and peaceful place to dine in on a saturday night. What caught my attention was their simple and cute layout. Cutesy doggie logo too!

First served was water:
Isn't it interesting?

Food serving was surprisely large!
And yummy too!

We ordered the above platter, Cream of Mushroom, Chicken Chop and Aglio Olio. 

For those who are health-conscious, you can rest assure and take big bites of the food here. At least for someone like me who is afraid of oily stuff, I think the dishes are cooked with just the right amount of oil and they don't leave a greasy aftertaste. 
No guilt after stuffing myself with the fried goodies and olive oil-mixed pasta!! :)
By the way, I refer oily stuff to those where I can see excess oil dripping, oozing out or swirling around the plate! >.< 
Frankly, I'm pretty health-conscious but don't get me wrong, I DO LOVE fried food! I just take some extra care when choosing the type of fried food I buy :)

Succulent mushroom!

Anyway back to White Dog Cafe, do go and have a try! The prices are reasonable and we will definitely go back! 

Happy boy & girl
My sis went to the branch @ Vivo and she said it was a little noisier there because of the crowd. So you might want to take this into consideration when deciding which branch to go to.

Hope this can tingle your taste buds on a BLUE monday (if you are having one)!

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