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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coloured Contact Lenses + A Confession

Hello Twenty-11 :)
This is my first post for this year and I have a confession to make... 
so just keep reading!!

I promised to have a post on online sellers for cosmetic contact lenses whom I used to buy from and would recommend.
However, recently there have been just too much reports in the news about how harmful these lenses can be to our eyes. 
And I'm sadly one of those who were affected by the use of these coloured lenses.:(

So, I've decided to encourage you NOT to buy coloured lenses from online sources.

In case you don't know how these lenses can harm your eyes, here are just some issues mentioned:
  1. There can be misfit of the lenses to your cornea because these online lenses online comes only in one fit, yet everyone's cornea has different curvature. So it is only best if you can get an optometrist to decide if the lenses are of good fit to your eyes. Poorly fitted lenses can cause abrasion to your cornea and that's NO JOKE!!
  2. These lenses are thicker and hence allow less oxygen to get to your eyes. As these lenses don't allow your eyes to breathe easily, sellers usually advise the maximum  number of hours of wearing to be 8 hours.
  3. Recent reports of discolouration of the lenses, which causes much damage to the cornea!
Read more at 

I know you might be disappointed because many online sourcers sell these lenses at very low prices and have a wide range of varieties... but don't be! 

Optical shops are now selling recognized & approved coloured lenses at low prices! There are 1-for-1 offers and 50% discounts... 

And, here's my confession to add on... 
As far as I hate to admit, I did choose to forgo all the warnings given about these lenses, ignore my mum's disapproval and venture on to try something I never tried before.

Well, I did follow the precautions given like washing of my lenses with proper solutions, not wearing them for more than 8 hours etc... and I only wore these lenses about once or twice a week!
However, I realized my eyesight started to deteriorate and I thought it's because I've been spending alot of time in front of the computer and lack of sleep. I went for a check and my degree did increased so I ordered more lenses with a higher degree. 
With these lenses that allows me to see clearer, I became more reliant on them and wore them more often. Unfortunately, it came to a point where my eyes got tired and a little painful after a few hours of wear and I couldn't even see clearly with the lenses on!

I was pretty freaked out and my eyes were bloodshot!! I can hardly even open my eyes. I had to go to specialist and the experience wasn't good! 
I made 3 trips in all to get my eyes treated. Doc said my cornea was so dry and almost flaky.. Final conclusion, viral infection.
On the first two consultations, NO improvement after all the medication.. only on my 3rd visit, my eyes got better. Worst of all, SGD 400 was spent!!!
All my medication
Come to think of it.. see, it's really not worth it!
I really hate to admit is my fault but well, this is a confession to make!! :P

Of course, I'm not so sure if the coloured lenses are the sole culprits (and as much as I hope they aren't that harmful), I'm posting this in hope that you will take my experience into account before making purchases in future.

If you really want to get coloured lenses, go to the local optician shops and get the optometrist to test the fitting of the lenses for you and seek their advice. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Well, I think you get my message and I shall not weigh the mood down too much on the first post of 2011.

Here are just some pictures I took previously when I wore the coloured lenses. 
My 1st brown lenses (taken with flash) - The colour wasn't obvious.

Same brown lenses (without flash) - See how big the lenses are?
Grey lenses with dark rim
Golden blue lenses - Very unique colour which I love! Btw, my bf was wearing blue lenses from optical shops... They are tri-tone blue.. Nice colour!
But may be a little too "over" to wear them on a daily basis / during the day! :P
Green lenses! One of my FAV! (maybe I can do a makeup tutorial on this look!)
Another pair of grey lenses - Definitely my FAV!!!
I bought hazel and purple lenses too, but I returned them to the seller after my eye condition worsened (the seller is kind enough to refund me the money!!).

So these are just for memories... NO MORE COLOURED LENSES for me!!!
Boohoo! A little sad but once bitten, twice shy!!
Take care of your peepers People!!



Beauty Reductionista said...

Great post. I'm always scared to death whenever my eyes feel a little sensitive. Contact lens wearer here - never tried colour but have had glasses since Grade 1 so I know how important eyes are. This is the one area in which I will always put health and safety before style and trends.

NatalieSecretCode said...

Yes! True enough.. Health & safety before style & fashion! I'm hope my experience will help people out there gain more awareness regarding this :)

Cindy said...

I had been wearing them for 3 years and my prescription is -1.75 as 3 years ago.
I believe it could be from wearing fake lens..just as how online they sale replicas of channel, lv, does MANY of these websites that do not sell authetic contact lens.
I came across two sites for circle lens(major if you would googled them..they would be the first to pop up!) and did buy them to compare. They are super thick, they are say to be "geo" lens--which is a company such as acuve, and freshlook..but once you get the bottel.. there is no "geo" label on it, the quality of the lens is hard plastic, and the color to the lens doesn't blend in as it normallly should. I myself, could only wear those lens for 6 hours..and eventually I develop episcleritis which went away for 3 weeks.

I think the ones you bought(just from judgment) are not authetic ones b/c the color to real contact lens (even cirle lens)usually blend in to create this softer look. The colors to yours do look harsh..and how it did when i purchase the "replicas".

If you buy authetic geo lens... (if you want the name of the place, contact me.. i don't want to promote just because)'s the BIGGEST difference. The lens are softer, and I have no issues with them. In fact, just like my acuvee and freshlook, I can wear them more than 12 hours(I work a 12 hour shift at the hospital)..and will be just fine. No dryness or redness as the fake ones did.
It has been a year now, I had my optometry appt last week all is well. =] still -1.75.

-Cindy V


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