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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CNY Series: LOTD with GoJane I

LOTD for Day 1 of CNY!

Wore a simple purple dress from GoJane 
(in fact all my outfits for the Chinese New Year were from GoJane! )
My Sis's turquiose dress was also from GoJane
Had my 5.25" heels on for the first time that day! 
I didn't know the heels were so high when I ordered from GoJane.. 
Apparently I didn't pay attention to the details written but well, I can deal with it since I'm short enough to wear these killer heels! :D

Finish off my outfit with a matching tote bag...

And finally, my makeup that day... Used my newly bought NYX eyeshadows in Cotton Candy and Flamingo...
Had a simple diamond necklace on too :)
Shall do a makeup tutorial soon!
(I have a long list of requests, tutorials and stuff to blog about! :P Need to "work" harder!)

Thanks for reading!
♥ Nat


Anonymous said...

Aww, you look beautiful :)
I LOVE that orange tote, it's a fab colour!

NatalieSecretCode said...

Thank you Jenny!! And yes.. It's my fav tote... I can put alot of things in it!! :)

jezmacmania said...

lovely outfit! i have those shoes too!! i love em! =)


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