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Monday, February 7, 2011

Eye Makeup for Different Eye Shapes/Eyelids

Hello Peeps!
I'm finally back with an entry... 

Sorry for the MIA but it's the Chinese New Year period!!
I have been celebrating and enjoying the past few days with my family and loved ones :D

Anyway, back to some beauty-related topics :)

Ever since I started this beauty blog, I have became even more aware of how different people apply makeup on their eyes.
And I feel that it is indeed important to use the right makeup technique when applying eyeshadows to our eyes. 

So today, let's talk about some general guidelines on makeup for different eye shapes/eyelid types.

Well, as we all know, we all have different eyes shapes... By choosing the suitable makeup technique, it will best bring out the beauty of our eyes and accentuate the feature.

Deep set eyes, Wide set eyes, Close set eyes, Hooded eyes, Monolids.. 
Which one do you belong to and how should you apply your eye makeup?

I found 2 videos on YouTube that is really useful and would like to share with you.
These videos are very well-explained and there's really no need for me to remake similar videos.

In the 1st video, miss.erica talked about the makeup for 3 different eyelid types:

In the 2nd video, Angel talked about another type of makeup for hooded lids:
Thumbs up!

For myself, I have different eyelid types on my 2 eyes!!! Arghhh...
How irritating can that be! 
On one eye, it is almost deep set, while on the other eye, it is hooded on most days and  deep set occasionally. >.<

I usually adopt the method that Angel has mentioned as you can see from my past videos..

Do try out these techniques and continue experimenting with the makeup you have!
Make these pretty makeup work for you and bring out the beauty in you!

Good luck Babes!
♥ Nat


Rilakumaki said...

great post! It is really important as you said. I tried putting on make up on a friend like I do with mine... and it came out a bit anyway great stuff to know!!!

NatalieSecretCode said...

Glad it help! :) And thanks for following! :D

Anonymous said...

I never knew what kind of eyelids i have. i realised i m using erica's method for hooded lids without knowing. n i use browns all the time. i just follow it's shape and let it do what it wants. v informative btw! the two pairs of shoes i told u about and one bag... I have pics on my blog. ~wx


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