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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Facial Cleansers that I Heart

I thought I will show you the products I LOVE to cleanse my face with!

On a daily basis, I will use ZA Future Defense Cleansing Foam.
I have combination skin which tends to be on the drier side... and I need facial washes that do not leave a tight feeling on my skin.
This gentle cleanser really does great!

It thoroughly lifts and washes away impurities without depriving the skin of its moisture.
Moreover, its hyaluronic acid-infused granules gently cleans the skin, leaving an ultra-moisture finish.

Most importantly, it is very affordable!

Another facial wash that I use every two days is 
Dior 'Diorsnow' White Reveal Gentle Purifying Foam.
Got this as a birthday gift from my mum and I must say I really ♥ this!!
It deeply cleanse my face, removing all traces of makeup and impurities, yet it feels really gentle on the skin.

After using it, I can immediately notice how much my skin has brightened up and my skin will go "di-ong di-ong"...
My skin will be incredibly soft and velvety!!!

So, what are your fave cleansers?


shell said...

hmm nat, i got a question! is it true that the less foam the better? i have a cleanser from sense that doesn't foam at all, and i always use a facial foam after i use that cleanser... -.- not necessary right?

NatalieSecretCode said...

Hey shell, usually facial foams are stronger than cleansers that don't foam. It really depends on your skin type as to which one is more suitable.
If your skin is really dry, it will be good to use the gel/milk cleansers (that usually don't foam). Otherwise, you can just use the facial foam!
Hope this helps!! :D

shell said...

i think i have combi skin. hehe. anyway i went to check out the za facial cleanser you recommended. (: i saw another one, looks the same as the gold one you posted, but it's white. (: it isn't too ex, so i think i'll go and try it! :D

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

Oh wow, I really want to try that face wash. I have combination skin that's on the drier side, especially during the winter. I hate how cleansers leave my skin tight, so maybe I'll give this one a try.

Thanks for the recommendation! :)



NatalieSecretCode said...

@ shell: I just went to Watsons yesterday and I realized ZA changed the packaging of the cleanser I mentioned. It's still in gold though. The one you saw is the whitening series.. I have yet to try them though :D

NatalieSecretCode said...

@ Michelle (hardcoremakeupjunkie): Yes, do give it a try!!!
Thanks for following!

Anonymous said...

hey Natalie!
i have combi skin too and i use Perfectly Clean Splashaway Foaming Cleanser by Estee Lauder. It's a blue tube. No tight feeling after usage. U can buy the sample size cheaply from SaSa to try first! :) -val

NatalieSecretCode said...

Thanks for the suggestion Val! I will give it a try!!!

Label me Addict said...

ohhh i love DIOR SNOW range... i use the day and also the night serum... my personal favourite it the NIGHT cream!!!

it's finally nice to bump into another fellow Singaporean here:)

am soo following your blog cause you have awesome tips and love your NAIL ART!!!

do visit mine ...we could follow each other if you like!

tata xoxo


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