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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Sis's CNY nails!

Oh.. I nearly forgot to post my Sis's CNY nails for the "CNY Series"!
So here it is!
Carefully hand-drawn by me!!
My eyes were so tired from it.. and my Sis had a hard time keeping still...
I told her not to fidget in order the have the lines real straight!! :D

Thanks for popping by!


Qiu said...

my nails!!!! lovely lah! thanks tata!!!! lucky me, get to have free manicure everytime!

NatalieSecretCode said...

Hee.. U have provided me with lots of nail polishes too!! :D

che said...

Aww so sweet to do your sis's nails, very cute mani too!

I wish my sisters and mom were here, I'd be doing their nails all the time too!

NatalieSecretCode said...

Thanks Che... I'm sure you will do a fantastic job too!!


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