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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Little Vanity Corner

I wanted to show you my vanity corner :D

Here it comes... (drum roll...)
Sliding the doors open...
We're getting closer...

Well well, it's really a little small makeup corner! 
I used one section of the cupboard for my cosmetics and I utilized the sliding mirror during my makeup.. Convenient and everything's kept compact :D

And yup, I do my makeup while standing up!

For a little more light, I bought a lamp from IKEA and fixed it at the top of the cupboard (like what you see in the 1st pic)...

What do you think? Can you spot any "treasures"?

I'm hoping to get hold of those empty makeup palettes (eg. UNII palette) so that I can depot my single eyeshadows and combine them!!!!!
Still searching............ for cheaper options, of cuz!!
Anyone knows of any??

That's all for now...
Thanks for reading!!
♥ Nat


Anonymous said...

Hey Natalie!
Wonderful that u r able to keep all ur make-up so neat! And u really have ALOT of make-up. hee. Next time u can consider really doing up (as in custom-making) a dressing corner, complete with proper compartments for storing various make-up, the mirror and built in lamp!



NatalieSecretCode said...

Hhahah Thanks Val! Yup I'm trying to keep my stuff compact, yet in a way such that I can see all my stuff. I tend to forget what I have if I keep them in small compartments and drawers...! :D


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