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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Q&A... Questions 4 me, Answers 4 you!

Hey Peeps, 
How's your weekend looking?
I have been receiving a number of requests and questions...
And I promise I'm trying my best to do all the video requests and to answer your questions asap!!
Recently, I received some questions from Val (my great supporter!! :D) and her colleagues, and I thought it will be good for me to post it here so that all of you can stay tune for the answers coming up!!

So here are the Qs:
My friend and I bought some new bottles of OPI nail polishes to share, and 2 of the 3 bottles are very thick and viscous, very hard to apply...!! 
With every few brushes, I need to recap it and swirl the bottle around. Any way to make it easier to apply? Do I add thinner? Is there anything that can be added to it?"

"2nd Qn is more like a request. Haha. Can show us how you decide on what colour to use to match what clothes, what function etc? 
For example, your post on the puffy eyes, what makes you mix purple and the bronzy colour?
And also, for different colour clothes, what is a suitable colour to use?"

"3rd Qn (more for personal): I've see you use the 88colour palette. Is it really useful? Do you use all the colours? 
Is it all matt or mixture of matt and shimmer in the palette? 
For me, I usually use make up for work/dinners and during weekends only, would you recommend a smaller collection and which would you recommend? 
I've been looking at gmarket and it's very tempting!"

"4th Qn: Due to the nature of our work, my colleagues & I cannot always doll up with shimmery make-up (although i really love buying shadows with shimmer!).
Do you have any recommendations about how we can achieve those barely there look, which just enhances our features but not as made-up?"

My answers are coming up in posts or videos...

Stay tune! 
And keep your requests and questions coming in! :D
♥ Nat

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Silkybow said...

can't wait to see your answers then :) you have quite an interesting blog :)


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