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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flaunt it! -from Sis, from diva

My Sis got me these rub on adhesive strips from diva!
And of cuz, she chose LEOPARD Preeeeenzz for me!
They are very easy to use and goes on easily 
(provided your nails are clean!)

It comes with 16 precut strips...

And the original price was SGD 12... 
Glad my Sis got it at SGD 3!! WEE!

These are the instructions given.. Simple!

One nail done!

Remember to trim the strips to suit the width of your nails before rubbing them on.As for the excess length, you can file it off with a nail file.


A point to note: it only last 1 to 2 days!!

I applied them on a Saturday evening and this is how my nails looked like on Monday evening:
Right hand- more damage cos I'm right-handed!

Left hand

Generally I'm happy with this product...
I find it useful, especially when you are in need pretty nails but might be too busy or tired to get yours done professionally!
Great for DIY!

Hope you get to try this product too...



Jules said...

There's nothing better than green leopard print nail art! Lovely

Natalie said...

Yup!! That's true! Im always a fan of leopard preenzz! :D


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