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Sunday, May 29, 2011

$2 Pre-designed Acrylic Nails

I bought these $2 pre-designed acrylic nails from the Japanese store - DIASO some time back...

I have finally decided to use them!
For just SGD 2, you get 20 pre-designed nails of various sizes for you to choose from!
Great deal indeed!

Nails done within minutes!! :D

I'm usually not a huge fan of pre-designed nails/ nails stickers because I like to go through the "trouble" of design and getting my own nails done :P

But I have to say these type of nails really come in very handy when you are tired/ no time, yet you want PRETTY nails!!
Yup, my mum was away overseas for a month so I was wore out by all the housework (on top of all my PhD thesis and work!).. 
which explains why I haven't been posting so frequently and needless to say, getting my nails done! 

Anyway, do try them out! Cheap & PRETTY!
DIASO always have new design so check them out every now and then! 

For those who can't find items that I have talked about, let me know...
I will find them for ya and send them to you!


Monday, May 23, 2011

My Very 1st VS BikiniS!

I've got a package from USA!
Have been waiting for it to arrive & 
I'm so so so GLAD I finally received it!

Here's what I've got in the package:
2 sets of VS bikinis & 2 Rimmel eyedefiners :D

I bought these 2 sets of bikinis while VS was having some clearance sales...
Many designs ran out-of-stock or my size weren't available...
But I'm lucky enough to finally choose something that I like!

Mix & Match.. Happie with what I have got!

The quality of the fabric is really great...
And if you are looking for some push-up effect, the bikini (the push-up halter top-coral plaid) really does so!!

I shall show you the description of the individual pieces & the breakdown of the prices:

Yup, I got most of them in size XS because there were no more S-es left..
I knew I HAVE to grab something from the sales so I settled with the XS-es :P

Hhahaha, sounds like a confession of a shopaholic...
But well, XS fits me pretty well!! *Phew!*

that's all for today..

I shall review the Rimmel Eyedefiner that I've got next time :)

♥ Nat

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mani & Pedi In A Minute! -SALLY HANSEN

Hey Peeps,
It's DIY time again!

I have been using Sally Hansen's Manicure In A Minute and Pedicure In A Minute for some time already..
And I thought it will be nice to share these products with you all!

They work great, even in less than a minute!
They contain a blend of natural sugar crystals, vitamins, olive oil and tea tree oil.

Let me show you how it works on my hands...

Eeekkk.. Urgent exfloliation needed!
See... Most of the dead skin were gone!
Of course I won't say it is prefect but it really, really cleared away most of the unwanted dead skin...
Usually I will continue with pushing of the cuticles and trimming them 
(if they are even present!)

Look at my right hand...
Can you see that the skin was so much more radiant?

I did a search online and I realized these were discontinued products by Sally Hansen...
But I still find Singapore's Watson Stores selling them! *Phew!*
They are going for ~SGD 15.90.
So do grab them while they are still available!

Thanks for reading...


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Sasatinnie Eye Definer

Hey Peeps,
It's product review time!

I was recommended the Sasatinnie Waterproof Retractable Eye Definer and I must say I quite like it!
I did the same "experiment" as what I have done with the Rimmel Eye Definer
(see my post here!)
I wanted to see how long-lasting the liner was...

At 7.30 am:

At 4.30 pm:
I would say I am happy with how waterproof it is!
Very very minimal smudging...
That's for about 9 hours!

Here's some more pics..
At 7.30 am:
At 4.30 pm:

I did observe some smudging after longer hours of wearing it...
But it's still very impressive!
Moreover, it's not expensive at all.. I think I got mine at SGD 6.90.

In my opinion, I still prefer the Rimmel one though :D

Hope this review is helpful!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DIY: Magnetic Makeup Palette

I always wanted some magnetic makeup palettes to get all my single eyeshadows organized...
But I'm not willing to splurge on them cuz they are not cheap! :P

I decided to make my own & went online to search for ideas... I found alot of videos on YouTube and I decided to make mine out of CD cases!

Got all my materials from DIASO. All items going for SGD 2 each!
I spent about SGD 12..
And I could make 3 palettes from these materials!

My first DIY magnetic palette!
Some eyeshadows came with metal pots that are easily attracted to the magnetic sheet.
For those that doesn't, I placed a small piece of magnetic sticker so that it will be attracted to the magnetic sheet.

See I can shift and rearrange the single eyeshadows any way I want! :D

My next palette was a non-magnetic one
Because I was de-potting all the eyeshadows from a palette, I decided to fix the shadows and let them remain as they were, in the palette.

This was how thick the original palette was...
And because it was an opaque black palette, I often forget what colours I have and I end up not using them!
The brand of the palette... From my mum :)
The final look!
I bought some containers from DIASO too and reorganized my cosmetics...
My revamped Vanity Corner!
You can click HERE to see my previous post on my Vanity Corner.

Hahaha, I have lots of photos on this post..
Anyway, hope you like it!



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