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Sunday, May 29, 2011

$2 Pre-designed Acrylic Nails

I bought these $2 pre-designed acrylic nails from the Japanese store - DIASO some time back...

I have finally decided to use them!
For just SGD 2, you get 20 pre-designed nails of various sizes for you to choose from!
Great deal indeed!

Nails done within minutes!! :D

I'm usually not a huge fan of pre-designed nails/ nails stickers because I like to go through the "trouble" of design and getting my own nails done :P

But I have to say these type of nails really come in very handy when you are tired/ no time, yet you want PRETTY nails!!
Yup, my mum was away overseas for a month so I was wore out by all the housework (on top of all my PhD thesis and work!).. 
which explains why I haven't been posting so frequently and needless to say, getting my nails done! 

Anyway, do try them out! Cheap & PRETTY!
DIASO always have new design so check them out every now and then! 

For those who can't find items that I have talked about, let me know...
I will find them for ya and send them to you!


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