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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mani & Pedi In A Minute! -SALLY HANSEN

Hey Peeps,
It's DIY time again!

I have been using Sally Hansen's Manicure In A Minute and Pedicure In A Minute for some time already..
And I thought it will be nice to share these products with you all!

They work great, even in less than a minute!
They contain a blend of natural sugar crystals, vitamins, olive oil and tea tree oil.

Let me show you how it works on my hands...

Eeekkk.. Urgent exfloliation needed!
See... Most of the dead skin were gone!
Of course I won't say it is prefect but it really, really cleared away most of the unwanted dead skin...
Usually I will continue with pushing of the cuticles and trimming them 
(if they are even present!)

Look at my right hand...
Can you see that the skin was so much more radiant?

I did a search online and I realized these were discontinued products by Sally Hansen...
But I still find Singapore's Watson Stores selling them! *Phew!*
They are going for ~SGD 15.90.
So do grab them while they are still available!

Thanks for reading...



Fables in Fashion said...

That's amazing! Such a big difference :)

Natalie said...

Yup! Works great!:)


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