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Monday, May 23, 2011

My Very 1st VS BikiniS!

I've got a package from USA!
Have been waiting for it to arrive & 
I'm so so so GLAD I finally received it!

Here's what I've got in the package:
2 sets of VS bikinis & 2 Rimmel eyedefiners :D

I bought these 2 sets of bikinis while VS was having some clearance sales...
Many designs ran out-of-stock or my size weren't available...
But I'm lucky enough to finally choose something that I like!

Mix & Match.. Happie with what I have got!

The quality of the fabric is really great...
And if you are looking for some push-up effect, the bikini (the push-up halter top-coral plaid) really does so!!

I shall show you the description of the individual pieces & the breakdown of the prices:

Yup, I got most of them in size XS because there were no more S-es left..
I knew I HAVE to grab something from the sales so I settled with the XS-es :P

Hhahaha, sounds like a confession of a shopaholic...
But well, XS fits me pretty well!! *Phew!*

that's all for today..

I shall review the Rimmel Eyedefiner that I've got next time :)

♥ Nat


Rilakumaki said...

OoOo! Those are super cute and only 6 something a piece?? Nice! The shipping price is decent too, how far from the States do you live in?

Natalie said...

Oh, the package wasn't sent to me directly from VS. It was sent to my friend living in the States... then she sent it to me from her place, together with the rimmel eye-definers :D The shipping from my friend (in NY) to Singapore (where I am) is about 9 USD.

Label me Addict said...

hey babe... congrats on receiving your VS bikinis... love their stuffs but the store here in singapore carries only the previous seasons items and the sizes are so hug as though there are super huge people here!!!! and there is only ONE STORE!! what?!

Natalie said...

@ Label me Addict: Hhahha Yup! Their stuff are pretty indeed! But we definitely need the smaller sizes!! If I'm ordering again, I'll let you know... then we can combine shipping next time! :D

shopgirl said...

These are gorgeous swimsuits. And the prices are awesome! I would love to order via online, however, I find that the bottoms are so difficult to get right. Cause' a lot of them are higher cut than I like because I'm so short.

Cheers! Rambles with Reese


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