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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Sasatinnie Eye Definer

Hey Peeps,
It's product review time!

I was recommended the Sasatinnie Waterproof Retractable Eye Definer and I must say I quite like it!
I did the same "experiment" as what I have done with the Rimmel Eye Definer
(see my post here!)
I wanted to see how long-lasting the liner was...

At 7.30 am:

At 4.30 pm:
I would say I am happy with how waterproof it is!
Very very minimal smudging...
That's for about 9 hours!

Here's some more pics..
At 7.30 am:
At 4.30 pm:

I did observe some smudging after longer hours of wearing it...
But it's still very impressive!
Moreover, it's not expensive at all.. I think I got mine at SGD 6.90.

In my opinion, I still prefer the Rimmel one though :D

Hope this review is helpful!



MissKatv said...

wow it looks like it didn't even change at all!
nice review!
oh BTW. I'm having my birthday giveaway.
You can check it here:
Misskatv's Birthday Giveaway!

Kat :)

The Cat Hag said...

Thanks for the review, I am always on the hunt for long-wearing eyeliners.

My favourite is the Revlon Color Stay one. :)

The Cat Hag

Natalie said...

Thanks Katv!

Hmm maybe I should get hold of the Relvon Colourstay.. Thanks for sharing, Addie!

Peach Crush said...

lovely review!!! your eyes look extremely pretty!!your blog is really nice :) im your new follower,i'd love if you follow back

if-I-were-Audrey said...

it looks great on you :)

Natalie said...

Thank you Babes!

Label me Addict said...

looks really neat i am gonna go find it!!!


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