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Thursday, June 30, 2011

BLOOM illuminiser

I found it!

Never knew I could find it in Singapore because I thought stores here don't carry it...
Anyway I got it from a store called SHINE (#02-25A/B) in Tampines Mall.

The usual price was SGD47.50 but I was lucky to spot it when it was going for 50% off!
So I paid SGD 23.70 for mine and it was the last one left on the shelf!  

I first knew of this product when I was watching videos by YouTube Guru
She uses this highlight in most of her videos and below are two of them.

 (She's sooo pretty and she's definitely one of my fav gurus)

In the 2 videos she used the highlighter on different parts of her face...
1st video: under her browbone
2nd video: nose and cheekbones

For myself, I tried using it near my under eye areas and I didn't like it because it was just too shimmery for me.
So I'm using it mainly for my cheekbones and cupid's bow... 

I'm not sure if BLOOM is easily available in Singapore...
but if you are interested to get this product, 
you might want to try:
(but they only ship within Aussie!-useful only if you have friends there to get them for you) 

Meanwhile, I will keep a lookout on where you can get this product.
If you have any info on where to buy it, post a comment below!

Thanks for reading!



Monday, June 27, 2011

Beach holiday!

I'm craving for a holiday...
Especially one at the beach...
Away from work and the city...

I shall be patient and wait for the well-deserved HOLIDAY!!!

Nat :D

Friday, June 24, 2011

Asian Eye Makeup 101!!

Hey gers, I've recently been very inspired by the Korean makeup...
All the actresses look as though they have no makeup on set (but of course they do!!)
I've been doing those "no-makeup" makeup look lately and have also changed my eyebrows shape + colour :D
Well, that's just a little update... :D
(let me know if you want tutorials on that!)

Anyway, here's what I found on youtube by suelynn76...
She talks about asian eyes and makeup, which I find them very informative!
Take a look!
Hope this helps~


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wearable Smoky Look -Silvers & Browns-

I'm finally back with a makeup tutorial!!

It has been a long long time since I did one :P

The writing of thesis and various lab responsibilities had really tire me out, and by the time I reach home I could only afford the energy to blog...

Anyway, here's the look!

A close-up on the eyes...

WATCH tutorial HERE:

Hope you like this look!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

New on my wishlist!

I really hope to get hold of either of these!!!

Barry M's Peach Melba

Photo courtesy of: Beauty Mist

Photo courtesy of: StyleSuzi

______________ OR ____________

Essie's Van d'GO
 (Photo courtesy of: Getcha nails did)

Ain't the colour PreeeeTtttyyyyy???

Let me know if you found any great deals or dupes of these polishes!!

(in a peachy mood :D)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Floral Time! -nails-

Time for some pretty flowers!

Did this set of design for my feet some time back in May :D
Just in time for some Sakura!!

As mentioned before, nail stickers are defnitely not my first choice..
But at the same time, I seldom put much emphasis on my toe nail designs
(because I have dancer's feet.. NO nice toe nails to start off with!)
So... I will usually use the nails stickers on feet :P

Use a coral colour base! My fav colour!

How about some Goldie GOLD??
Great for summer!
My real nails.. Done with normal nail polishes!

A closer look...
A feminine touch

Hope you like these designs!
PS: Feel free to contact me if you want to get your nails done by me! :D
♥ Nat

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cracking nail polishes

Hmm... So there has been a pretty HUGE hoo-ha about the cracking nail polish huh?

I've heard many people raving about the OPI Black Shatter...
Many other brands are coming up/ have came up with their cracking nail polishes too!

Well, I seriously don't know which company came up with such nail polishes first.

Anyway, I found cracking nail polishes sometime back in Singapore before this BIG hoo-ha, so I thought it is the "right" time to blog about it now! :D

The brand is not really known (at least by me!) and it says CHNails...

I got it from a pushcart in Level 1 Liang Court (Clarke Quay) and the seller has a pretty wide range of colours!

I bought the hot pink one as shown above and a purple one for my friend as a Christmas pressie last year.
(Yup, that's how far back when I found such nail polishes!)

This is how it looks like with a black base:
My first try-out.. Not perfect but I'm happy with the look!
There are some tricks to really make the nail polish work for you:
1. Wait for the base (black colour in this case) to dry completely first.
This is to prevent any smudging.

2. Next is to put on a thick coat of the cracking nail polish and brush it on the nails with one stroke at one particular area.
If you go over the same area with more than one stroke of nail polish, you won't be able to see the cracking effect nicely.

I only succeed after a few tries... :)

Oh! I almost forgot the price.. It got this at SGD 12.50.

Let me know if you want it but can't find it ok?
I will try to get them for you guys and send them to you!

I'm sorry that I don't have the colours available at the moment but will let you all know if I happen to go to the store again!

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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