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Friday, June 24, 2011

Asian Eye Makeup 101!!

Hey gers, I've recently been very inspired by the Korean makeup...
All the actresses look as though they have no makeup on set (but of course they do!!)
I've been doing those "no-makeup" makeup look lately and have also changed my eyebrows shape + colour :D
Well, that's just a little update... :D
(let me know if you want tutorials on that!)

Anyway, here's what I found on youtube by suelynn76...
She talks about asian eyes and makeup, which I find them very informative!
Take a look!
Hope this helps~



cominica-ai said...

I love to do their make up too, its like Uljjang look and nice for everyday make up. Ppl will not think that I was wearing make up coz it looks sooo natural :D

thanks for sharing the video too!

Natalie said...

Hi five!

shopgirl said...

I don't wear make-up often, however, I like these tutorials that you post.

Thanks! Rambles with Reese


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