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Thursday, June 30, 2011

BLOOM illuminiser

I found it!

Never knew I could find it in Singapore because I thought stores here don't carry it...
Anyway I got it from a store called SHINE (#02-25A/B) in Tampines Mall.

The usual price was SGD47.50 but I was lucky to spot it when it was going for 50% off!
So I paid SGD 23.70 for mine and it was the last one left on the shelf!  

I first knew of this product when I was watching videos by YouTube Guru
She uses this highlight in most of her videos and below are two of them.

 (She's sooo pretty and she's definitely one of my fav gurus)

In the 2 videos she used the highlighter on different parts of her face...
1st video: under her browbone
2nd video: nose and cheekbones

For myself, I tried using it near my under eye areas and I didn't like it because it was just too shimmery for me.
So I'm using it mainly for my cheekbones and cupid's bow... 

I'm not sure if BLOOM is easily available in Singapore...
but if you are interested to get this product, 
you might want to try:
(but they only ship within Aussie!-useful only if you have friends there to get them for you) 

Meanwhile, I will keep a lookout on where you can get this product.
If you have any info on where to buy it, post a comment below!

Thanks for reading!




PopBlush said...

I think I tried this a very long time ago when I was just getting into makeup.

Wow, it retails for quite alot in SG but good that you got it at half the price!

Now you're making me want to get it and give it another go :D

Dana Yoshimizu said...

It's it the best when you think you can't get a product in your country & then you find it?! :D



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