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Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Hair Colour!

Hey Babes...

Sorry for the loooooong hiatus!
I have been dead busy with dance practices, work, meetings and celebrations for the past 2 weeks...

Finally I get a breather and I decided to pamper myself with a new hair colour!

Guess what colour I got???
With Camera Flash
It's the first time I had this colour on... 
What do you think?
Under Natural Light

This is how my hair colour was like before the dye...
in some brownish shade :)
(I can't remember exactly what the colour was!)

So... Which colour do you prefer?

Let me know! :D


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Girlish Blinged iPhone Cover

One of my besties, Michelle aka Shell, requested for a girlish blinked iPhone cover...
We went to choose the accessories and she gave me a description of her preferred colours,
and she wants a similar design to mine :D

So here is it!
My BF helped in taking these wonderful pics!

Pretty girlish design!

If you want a customized BLINGED phone cover, do contact me @

The price for a design like above will be going for SGD 120.
Prices may vary depending on the amount of crystals used :)

**NOTE: Swarovski crystals are used.**

Many may wonder why my prices are so low (usual retail prices can go up to SGD 380!)...
It's because I'm doing this mainly for my interest in artwork.

So you just have to pay for the materials and some coverage for my travelling fee! :)

Here's a link to my own iPhone design:

blinging stuff...
Do you?


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Goldie & Silvery Nails

Another set of gel nails by me!
My bare and short nails!

Half-tip extensions on!


Under daylight... BLING BLING!
 My nails after two weeks... Still looking good!
Hope you like this!

♥ Nat

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