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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Goldie & Silvery Nails

Another set of gel nails by me!
My bare and short nails!

Half-tip extensions on!


Under daylight... BLING BLING!
 My nails after two weeks... Still looking good!
Hope you like this!

♥ Nat


Anonymous said...

If only you were the girl next door, i would never have bad nail days.
I love em.

Label me Addict said...

i used to do my nails ALL THE TIME... will go to my favorite nail SPA at least once a month! Then i started DYI... eventually i got so bored now they are just too bare i cant stand it!!! I have boxes of nail polishes which i now hardly touch... I"M SO JEALOUS how you do your nails!!!!! you should go get yourself certified as a pro manicurist or something ... for fun!!!

oh about the SHAMPOO+CONDITIONER from WATSONS... they are bit pricey for a new item... they SMELL amazing NAT but I'm not sure if it is effective or makes any difference in your hair! maybe it's just me... you should go try it! it's ORGANIC so that is why i bothered getting it in the first place..

tata xoxoxo

ThisIsAlx said...

thxs for following back... and omggggg u did that urslef?? =O WHATTT?? that's crazy talented!!!! =O.. i love it!! u do house calls? lol jkjk.. u live too far from mee to come to my house to do my nails =P


Natalie said...

Thank you babes for your comments!


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