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Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm back with NOTD!

Hey Babes,
I'm back!! I've been dead busy with work and still is!!
Things at work is CRAZY!!!!!
Good news is, I finally handed up my PhD thesis :D

So I'm here with my Nail-of-the-Day...

Black with gold..
Loving it!

What do you think??

Talk to you soon Babes..
And thanks for staying with me on my blog!



Dani said...

Wow! A PhD! That's so impressive. Good luck! I'm a student as well doing my undergrad and it's toughhh o_o

very pretty nail art btw. I've been wanting to get the Milani big gold glitter polish for a while now but i never find it anywhere!

D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

That is too cute! Where'd you get the gold?

Natalie said...

@ D.Sadie: Thanks! I used 3 gold nails polishes to get this look! :P Namely CITY GIRL in Retro, L.A. COLORS Art Deco in Gold Glitter and BISQUE NAISI in M119 :)

Natalie said...

@ Dani: Yup... PhD aint easy and Im glad Im almost done!!! Hope you find your gold glitters!

♥ Natalie said...

It looks fabulous!! I really love it! ♥


that's really pretty, i loooove the glitters

Natalie said...

Thanks gers!

shell said...

so prettyyyy nat. (: and congrats on ur thesis submission! we'll find time one day to do nails again ya? hahahaha. of cos i mean u do my nails.... XD

Natalie said...

Yes Michelle!! I'm definitely waiting!!! :D

Sharon said...

SO PRETTY! i love the colour combo and the gorgeous gold! gahhh i love it


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