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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Purple Cosmetic Day!

Today I'm feeling all so purple...

Decided to put on a purple eyeshadow, together with a bright purple liner...

And to try out a new Covergirl mascara
(which has a purplish blue packaging! -I'm definitely not a fan of blue but I'm so loving this colour!)

The Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer is in the colour Purple Shock and I got my buddy in USA to get it for me. :D
Unfortunately I don't find this colour in the stores in Singapore...

But if you are interested in getting one, let me know!
Budz sent me two of them and I have only used one :D

Here's a swatch of it:
Top line: Smudged out colour
Bottom line: Drawn directly (I use it this way near my upper lashline!)

I've got compliments when I wore this for dance practice today!
Guess the purple works!

The Covergirl Mascara is the lashblastfushion in Very Black (860), which was given to me as a gift! :D

This mascara is known for creating volume + length mascara.
It has a fiberstretch formula which make every little lash bigger, fuller, longer-looking, and more dramatic.

I love Covergirl's oversized brush which really helps to get every single strand of my eyelashes get coated.
My friend even though that I went for eyelash extension when I only had this mascara on!!!

This mascara is also available in a water-resistant formula, which unfortunately mine isn't. So at the moment, I'm still more in love with my waterproof Covergirl Lashblast (see review here) than this Lashblastfusion.
(I definitely prefer waterproof mascara!)

Alrighty, so that's all for my purple-licious day!
Hope you enjoyed reading...



Rinny said...

That liner is really pretty! I love the bold vibrant purple :)

Natalie said...

Yes Rinny! It's a fun colour to work with!

Lisa said...

Cover Girl Lash Blast has been a fave of mine for a long time. I love the purple liner! Any makeup that's purple is always pretty.

PopBlush said...

Love the eyeliner shade~

shell said...

natttt... show a pic w ur purple liner on? :))

Natalie said...

@shell: okok I will have to redo the makeup! :D

PolaBerry said...

great post! ive never tried this covergirl mascara I only have the orange one. I might just try this one

hope you follow back

Miko said...

I really like that shade of eyeliner!
Your blog is great and you're so pretty!<3
I'm trying to start a beauty blog too.

Natalie said...

@Polaberry and Miko: Thanks for following my blog! Followed you back! <3

Label me Addict said...

how have you been... it's been so long i visited you and buy the way you should know i LOVE your NAILS art posts!!! oh i hardly can find COVERGIRL here... where did you get it from and is the mascara good?
oh and i also love the airbrush legs spray... i believe in LOCAL mega store like JOHN LITLE and METRO are selling them right... i understand how perfect the leg has to look especially for very important events...alright babe i didn't realize you have a YOUTUBE account thought i should give you my support by subscribing!!!

lots of LOVE

Label me ADDICT ♥

Label me Addict said...

NATALIE... you know what since we live in the same island, we should probably do something together... what do you think... i got the idea when you mention you wouldn't mind doing my nails... why not do like a feature on both of us a video of you doing a nail tutorial on my nails or something? and since i am more of a lifestyle blogger,i could do a mini interview of your passion for nails and beauty... and write about my experience with you?

what do you think... note: my nails are short now since i had to go for my tainting grading it will grow back sooooon... HINT HINT ;)

lots of LOVE NATALIE!!!

Label me ADDICT ♥

and YES can i get the COVER GIRL mascara i LOVE the brush!!!!


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