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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Introducing LUXOLA!!!

GREAT NEWS for savvy shoppers in Singapore!!!
Now, we can get beauty products which are not found in Singapore EASILY...
Check out this website: LUXOLA

I happened to come across this website after reading a fellow Singapore blogger's blog & I though I must share it with you!

Some brands they carry can't be found in Singapore and the best part is...
They provide FREE next day DELIVERY!

Guess what will be my first buy??
(Clue: see my WISHLIST)
YES, you are right - SLEEK Palettes!!!

Ha, you might probably be thinking "Chey!"
But yup, I haven't got hold of any SLEEK palettes till now, even though many beauty gurus have been raving about these palette since long long time ago...

But well, it's never too late!

Hope this is a great piece of new for most :D

Sorry for my overseas readers -this website doesn't ship internationally at the moment.
But if you are really DYING to get something from there, let me know.
Maybe I can help :)

Happy Shopping!!!



D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...


Skinny Love said...

i also have one, i love it ^^
long time no see :c just checkin up on you :3
keep in touch, Love * Sofia


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