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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nails for the Bride & Bridesmaids

As promised, here are the photos of the nails done by me for my cousin's wedding!

Bride's nails:
She opted for something in gold.. Yet not too over-the-top...
Glad that she was very happy with it!
The set was completed by half-tip acrylic extensions.

Bridesmaid's nails:
Something girlish with pinks and some blings...
This was done with gel extensions on her natural nails.

My Sister (also a bridesmaid) wanted something simple for her short nails.
I came up with this cute design to make her nails look slightly elongated.

What do you think?
Our Nails for the day!! Wee!
Hope you enjoyed!



D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

Wow, I really love the bridesmaids nails. <3

DibDabs said...

each nail is like an little piece if art! Major nail art skills xxx

Popblush said...

All of their nails look fantastic!

♥ Natalie said...

Hey Natalie! :D
I think all of them look sooo cute! You did a very, very nice job! (: keep up the good work! ♥

Label me Addict said...


your just so TALENTEDDDDD woman!!!!

Label me ADDICT ♥

Natalie said...

Thank you ladies!!! Love that you all ♥ my art work!! :D

shell said...

:) love what i'm getting into. so excited!! see u soon nat! :)

Glitz Glam Budget said...

OMG so beautiful! Wow you are so talented!!!! By the way I really like your blog, im a new follower!


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