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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Sis Weds & some Bridal nailzz!

My lovely Sis got married & it was such a special day for us!
The beautiful bride, the handsome groom & all the wonderful people around made the wedding unforgettable...

~Sisters 4ever~
My pREETTTyyy Sis!
My Family! :D
The Bridesmaids
My Sis's Bridal Nails!
LOADs of Blings!!

I did another set of bridal nails for my high school buddy as her bridal gift :)
It was so coincidental that her wedding was on the same day as my Sis's!
I couldn't attend her wedding as such...

Nevertheless, we've got the pretty nails done!

And here's the pearl-ed heart shape that many ladies love...
What about you?

Thanks for dropping by! 

♥, Natalie

Monday, January 16, 2012

Surprise from LUXOLA!

This post may have came a little late since X'mas was like 3 weeks ago...
Nevertheless, I want to mention LUXOLA's sweet and lovely X'mas surprise package that was sent to me personally by their staff.. all the way to my door step!

I didn't make any purchases from LUXOLA during that period...
It was simply a very very sweet gesture from them!

A pleasant SURPRISE!!!
We all love surprises, don't we??

Let's see what was in the bag...

Deborah Lippmann!!!

I really want to thank LUXOLA for their sweetness once again!!!
Can't wait to make my next purchase!

And Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers!

PS: Luxola is giving out complimentary hongbao gift for any spending above SGD 50. :D


Friday, January 13, 2012

Mending a broken heart

Nah... Noboby is out of love here... :)
Just that my sis came to me the other day with her broken heart-shaped mirror. 
It was a precious gift from her hubby and she was hoping I can do something to "save" it...

Decided to cover up the cracks with swarovski crystals...

I used crystals of different sizes in the colour Vintage Rose.. :)
A colour to match the brassy cover...


Nat :D

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

L.A. Girl Rock Star

Wanna share a pretty nail polish with you today!

It's the L.A. Girl Rock Star Nail Lacquer in...

On my nails...

2 coats and I was able to get this nice coverage..
And the best thing is the glitters spread easily all over my nails!

Thanks for reading!



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