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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Sis Weds & some Bridal nailzz!

My lovely Sis got married & it was such a special day for us!
The beautiful bride, the handsome groom & all the wonderful people around made the wedding unforgettable...

~Sisters 4ever~
My pREETTTyyy Sis!
My Family! :D
The Bridesmaids
My Sis's Bridal Nails!
LOADs of Blings!!

I did another set of bridal nails for my high school buddy as her bridal gift :)
It was so coincidental that her wedding was on the same day as my Sis's!
I couldn't attend her wedding as such...

Nevertheless, we've got the pretty nails done!

And here's the pearl-ed heart shape that many ladies love...
What about you?

Thanks for dropping by! 

♥, Natalie


trancelicious said...

i love the bridal nails you have done!!!!

Natalie said...

Thank you Sweetie!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

WOAH, those nails look GREAT!
I can't believe that you did that yourself, you're so talented and pro!!

Both you and your sister look beautiful
I love her dress ;D


shell said...

nat, u and ur sis look really pretty. (: you both look different, but pretty in your own way nevertheless. and ur nail designs are so sweet!!! love the pearls. XD

Label me Addict said...

WOW!!! you always do SUCH amazing nails... LOVE them BRIDAL nails babe!!! you girls look just so AMAZING and PRETTY!!! i hope you had tons of fun!!! bet you can't wait for yours!!!


Happy Chinese New Year by the way!!!


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