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Friday, March 2, 2012

Gone & Back!

After disappearing for a month,
I'm finally back...

I have been totally caught up with the planning for my wedding!!
It's really not easy...

Oh well, it's hard for my fiance and I because:
1. We are holding an intimate wedding on a Saturday, where we are unable to meet the minimum no. of tables required by MOST hotels.
2. We refused to increase the number of tables... cos we totally believe in inviting our close friends + family who will be truly happy for us, & they are people whom we know!!!
3. We wanted a wedding dinner, instead of a lunch (a lunch requires less no. of tables).
4. My fiance wanted to hold the banquet in a hotel... Country clubs are a big NO NO for him.
5. A high ceiling ballroom that can accommodate a dancefloor is a MUST for us...

So all in all, these criteria made it very hard for us to find a suitable venue.
The banquet prices now are crazy!!!!!!!!!!
On an average, a reasonably good hotel we could find cost about $1200 per table and the more well-known hotel can go all the way to $1600!

We finally settled for one that cost $1457 for a table of 10 person...

Hahaha.. so much so for letting out some stress here...
Just dropping by to let you all know, "I'm still around!"
The 2nd bridal magazine that he bought!



shell said...

excited for u nat! (:

Anonymous said...

:) can't wait for the day to arrive!
Elsie (ur future husband's sis) Xoxo!

Natalie said...

Thank you gers!!! I'm excited too... Can't wait have you gers involved!!! :P

xinyi said...

Jiayou jiayou :D You will be a beautiful bride


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