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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Purple Liner

I'm forever looking for the perfect purple liner and I think I found it!!

I always wanted a purple liner that is not too dark that it seems like it's black from far, & not too light/bright such that it doesn't serve the purpose of a liner (to rim the eyes for more definition)...

It's from E.L.F.'s studio line and it really works great...
With this, I do not need to apply an additional black eye liner to accentuated my eyes, and I can achieve the eye look with a pop of colour!

Like what the packaging mentioned, it is indeed long lasting and I don't experience any smudges :)

It also comes with a brush, which I think is ok.. not wonderfully fantastic but still usable.. at least I don't need to get another brush for the liner.. :D

As you can see, the product did pulled away from the sides of the container and my initial worry was that the product could have dried up! 
Luckily it didn't.. The eyeliner still goes on creamy and is easy to work with!

I got it for only SGD 6.. (on the website, it's SGD 7. I got a dollar off because I bought the liner at the store itself)

So what are you waiting for?

Go grab your now! :D

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