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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Review: SNAIL WHITE Cream

Introducing the SNAIL WHITE Cream!

I heard that this cream is very popular in Thailand, Hong Kong, USA, Sweden, Australia and Macau, plus:
✔ it is certified by TFDA (Food and Drug Administration Thailand), and
✔ has certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Therefore, I decided to give it a try and got this cream from Snail White Cream Singapore, an authorized seller in Singapore! 

Delivery was fast and very personal! I even received some samples of another product that they are selling - the K.I.S.S Skincare Whitening Collagen Cream Mask! 
**Aww... we all love to have samples, don't we?** :P

Here's what the SNAIL WHITE Cream is good for and its benefits!
 (For me, I have super dry and sensitive skin; and I definitely need a certified cream before I dare to put it on my face!)

Some of its ingredients includes...

The best thing I LOVE about this product is its hygienic packaging and I can seamlessly pump the product out without having to dig my fingers into the bottle!
Super sleek packaging! Clean and seamless!

The cream has a slight herbal smell that is pleasant to the nose for sure...
Its consistency is more like a gel than a cream - not too thick and is pretty watery.
With just one pump, I get enough product to spread all over my face and it gets absorbed easily!

After using it for about 5 days, I noticed the scars on my chin has lightened!
(I often get pimples on my chin, and hence the scars... I believe this is a pretty common problem with most ladies out there!)
See the results for yourself!

Though I didn't really notice the extra moisturizing effect of the SNAILWHITE cream, I must say that no moisture was lost from my face. 
No dry flakes or dry patches observed even after I switched from my usual moisturizer to SNAILWHITE. :)

However, I did realized that my entire face has brightened a little! 
Perhaps it has really helped to even out the uneven skin tones!

And here are my cousins with their purchases!!
Pretty Babes with Great Skin!
I realized Snail White Cream Singapore is having promotion now!!!
They ship internationally too!

So, why not grab yours to try it out?

If you already did, let me know how you find it!




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