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Welcome to my little ramblings on makeup, nails & fitness - in fact, anything beauty-related.. U may find some personal updates here n there too! Enjoy!

About Me

*Knock knock.*
  Who's there? 
  Natalie -WHO?

So, who's Natalie..??
Hi Everyone, Welcome to my blog!

Well, I'm just a girl who loves makeup, shoes, perfumes, fashion and almost anything beauty-related.
Of course, I'm not a professional makeup artist but I love coming up with different makeup looks- from simple, natural to the super dramatic. I especially like to play around with eyeshadows and try out different colors, so stay tuned to find out more! I'm not very particular about brands but high-pigmented eyeshadow is a must! And one more thing, although I like bold makeup, globbing on a THICK layer of makeup is a big NO NO for me! I believe that women can develop their own style of beauty without looking UNnatural. :)

When it comes to fashion, I'm the type who like to have my own style of dressing and would prefer not to follow trends blindly. Every woman needs an editing eye to choose something that is suitable for yourself! My style: not girlish and princessy for sure! What I wear depends a lot on my mood- sometimes a little bit more sporty, sometimes sexy.*wink* I can be quite bold when it comes to the types of outfit or colors. Oh, I am totally not a jeans person, just don't like them! :p  

Nail polishes are must haves! I can't stand my nails "naked", maybe just a day or two for them to breathe. Other than that, must have nail polishes on my nails. I do my own nail art and have gotten pretty good at it!

I'm also a heels fanatic. I'm so so crazy over heels. Love them since I was very very young... I remember how I used to strut around the house in my mum's (way-too-big) heels! I must admit I hardly ever go out in flats/sport shoes/sneakers, unless I'm going to the beach (even my sandals are wedged!) I only bought my first pair of flats last year because I have been dancing way too much and I have decided that it’s about time to take care of my legs and back (I'm doing competitive latin dancing by the way).

and... what make me start this blog?
Frankly, setting up a blog has always been the last thing on my agenda (I feel I'm totally helpless when it comes to IT and webbies) but with my bestie's encouragement, and after taking tonnes of photos on the makeup and nails I've done, I think it's time for me to share what I've explored! My mum is my greatest inspiration and I've learnt a lot about beauty and fashion from her. So, I am hoping to share my thoughts with anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog. :D

My thoughts:
Every woman should put in some effort in dolling up. It is now or never. Not matter how old we are, we doll ourselves up for different reasons. 
In our teenage years, we explore the fundamentals of beauty and find out what we like in fashion and style. 
In our 20s-30s, we are at our prime when we can be daring and bold in our outfits, makeup and hair.
In our 40s-50s, every woman should be exuding confidence and feel comfortable in her own skin.

Taken by the bf :)

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